Standard PipePatch Point Repair

Ranging from 1-1/2" to 72" pipe diameters, PipePatch challenges traditional excavation repair methods with its innovative and trenchless CIPP technology. The point repair process eliminates the need for digging by utilizing a process that creates a pipe within a pipe with minimal change to the original diameter. Structurally rehabilitating the sewer, PipePatch guarantees an additional 50-year service life.

Technical Data

  • Resistance to 63+ chemicals and oils
  • Non-flammable, non-hazardous, cures in the presence of water
  • Structural properties exceed requirements of ASTM F 1216
  • Average tensile strength: 24, 500 psi
  • Average Flexural strength: 27,500 psi
  • Average flexural modulus: 1, 345,000 psi

Environmentally Friendly

  • Contains no VOCs or styrene
  • Safe for storm and sanitary sewers
  • Maximum temperature may reach 180°F
  • Safe to touch
  • Safe on packers
PipePatch - No Dig Pipe Repair System - Logo PipePatch Standard Repairs

Application Advantages

  • Available to repair 1-1/2" - 72" diameter pipe in 24" and 48" lengths
  • Flow-thru packers available to prevent backups during repairs
  • Eliminates the need for costly and disruptive excavations
  • Eliminates road closures and traffic backups during repairs
  • Only standard sewer cleaning and inspection equipment required
  • Small repair crews 
  • Short repair times, multiple repairs in one day
  • Field tested for over 10 years
  • 50 year repair life guaranteed 
  • Odorless and ideal for working in confined spaces