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PipePatch challenges traditional excavation repair methods with its innovative and trenchless CIPP technology. The point repair process eliminates the need for digging by utilizing a process that creates a pipe within a pipe with minimal change to the original diameter. With little to no odor, our Resin is safe for indoor usage, is non-flammable, non-hazardous and contains NO harmful VOCs.


Clean lines are a necessity for trenchless customers when preparing lines for repair, as well as correcting and repairing faulty trenchless installations. S1E offers overshot pipe cutters, collapsed line drills, and a full line of cutters, chain knockers and brushes, as well as three mechanical machines to open and clean pipe branches quickly.



Inspect Pipes post clean-out with our extensive line of Inspection Cameras.


Patch any pipe, any time. As the premier point repair solution, PipePatch offers a variety of systems that can patch pipes as small as 1 1/2' diameter and as large as 72" diameter. PipePatch’s trenchless technology has been tested and proven to withstand pressure, extreme conditions, and time to ensure that the pipe is rehabilitated and preforming exceptionally for years to come.