Lateral Seal Camera Module

Lateral Seal Camera Module Quickly connect camera and monitor for tee & wye repairs

The manual system camera is compatible with the PipePatch Lateral Seal point repair product. The module includes a 150' blue coax cable with a connector on each end, allowing you to connect the camera head and monitor. With a 10.4" LCD screen, text-writer with keypad, and recording/snapshot to USB capabilities, the system is the ideal to repair and maintain sewer systems.


Features & Benefits

  • Manual module camera system
  • Connects with PipePatch Lateral Seal
  • 150' cool coax cable to connect camera and monitor
  • 10.4" LCD screen
  • Record/snapshot to USB
  • Daylight readable
  • Camera inter-connect pigtail
  • Text-writer with keypad
  • Self-level view camera
  • Includes bag with power cord