S1E Quad-Cure® Lateral Lining Consumables & Equipment

S1E offers the Quad-Cure® lateral lining consumables and equipment for trenchless sewer rehabilitation for all lateral sized pipes. The inversion process utilizes a felt liner with an epoxy resin to provide a jointless repair, allowing installers to rehabilitate just a small portion of pipe or all unique design and lengths. Our materials can be cured with ambient temperatures, but S1E recommends hot water or steam cure. When complete, the lining system rehabilitates the entire sewer line and creates a structural barrier against exterior elements--all without the need for an excavation.

Lateral Lining Program Consumables

Features & Benefits

S1E offers various liner types:

  • 4D Liner
  • Standard Tube
  • FlexiLiner 90
  • Scrim Reinforced
  • Non-Woven
  • Sewn In Transition

All liners are suitable for trenchless pipe relining and are able to be cured with ambient temperatures, hot water, or steam.

Equipment Warranty

S1E offers the below warranty on our S1E Lining System. S1E warranties that all equipment supplied shall be free of material defect for a period of 1 year from date of purchase based on the below:

  • Issues due to misuse or applications beyond the equipment design voids the warranty. S1E requires the ability to inspect the equipment.
  • All warranty claims are limited to the equipment and do not extended to labor, installation or other expenses.
  • Equipment shall be used and maintained according to the installation manual.
  • There is no warranty for issues that result from the daily use of equipment from normal wear and tear and handling.
  • S1E is not responsible for personal injury or property damage caused by exceeding product limitations and does not provide a warranty expressed or implied for these issues.

Consumables Warranty

All materials are designed based on ASTM standards and have a 50 year design life. Because of the numerous factors that exist with installation and our underground system, S1E warranties that all materials supplied shall be free of material defect for 10 years from the date of purchase based on the below:

  • Warranty and proof of purchase must be supplied to S1E and only applies to S1E materials.
  • Consumables are installed before expiration date.
  • Consumables are installed based on industry and manufacturer standards.
  • The appearance of the final product is not covered such as wrinkles and discoloration or other non-structural deformities.
  • Warranty pertains to the replacement of materials and does not apply to labor, installation or other expenses.

No warranty for:

  • Using a combination of products that includes other manufacturer’s materials.
  • Consumables not applied correctly.
  • Wrongly mixed resins.
  • Pressure pipe.
  • Destruction of the lined pipe by others companies and/or cleaning methods are wrongly applied after installation.
  • Use of the product outside those standards for which the consumables were designed.

For any materials that fail after 10 years, the customer needs to provide an independent test results. For more information contact S1E.