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 It starts with the basics of business; providing reliable products, doing what you say you’ll do, and taking care of customers. This formula of doing business is how Fernco, Inc. became a world-wide name with Plumbers, Contractors, Municipalities, and home owners.

The F1 Infrastructure Solutions business formula is a mirror image of Fernco’s success pattern, and we’re passing that distribution experience onto you. Our Distributors will handle only the best quality and proven products/technologies, get any training neccessary, and have an opportunity to show profit to their bottomline.

As a Distributor, your competitive advantages are many but specifically include fast-access to inventory. With manufacturing plants and distribution facilities in Michigan, Nevada, and Ontario, our ability to process orders and quickly-ship makes timing less of a factor.

We support our Distributors through Customer Service, Training, Marketing and Sales support. Contact your Account Manager for details on how you can get the most out of your F1 Infrastructure Solutions Distributorship.


Product Offerings

  • Manhole Rehabilitation & Water Management
    • Coatings
    • Grouts
  • No-Dig Pipe Lining Systems
  • Trenchless PipePatch Systems
  • Inspection Systems