PipePatch Saves Mayville, KY $25,000

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Water and Waste Water Manager
Mayfield Electric & Water Systems
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We had a problem with a 10” gravity vcp line under a small bridge. Approximately 3-4’ piece missing and an empty space above the pipe where two existing drainage tiles are located. Just above the tiles is the bottom of the concrete bridge. I contacted Ben McGraw and ask about his product pipe patch. After a few emails and some information he agreed to do a demo if I would pay for the materials and provide some labor. They also utilized our camera system. With two of our guys and Ben they installed two patches in the existing pipe. It took only a few hours and the 10” main was back in service.

I was very impressed with the product and have included some before and after pictures. We will continue to monitor the patch. I told Ben McGraw that it probably would have cost approximately $25,000-$30,000 minimum to dig this up and repair it. If you have vcp this product is definitely going to benefit your organization.