PipePatch ONE

  • ALL-IN-ONE PIPE REPAIR SOLUTION: No major investment in equipment. Just grab a kit and go.
  • PLUMBER'S SECRET WEAPON: Give your clients a convenient and affordable no-dig solution for damaged pipes
  • VERSATILE: Available in 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch pipe sizes
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Contains no VOCs or Styrene

Product Description

Repairing broken pipes is easier and more convenient than ever with PipePatch ONE. This ALL-IN-ONE no dig pipe repair system is packed ready and offers a complete solution for restoring damaged pipes. Able to fix damaged areas up to 24-inches in length, PipePatch ONE is available for 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch pipe. Since PipePatch ONE is trenchless and doesn’t require excavation there is little to no disruption and the project is completed within the day. Unlike other CIPP point repair solutions where equipment investments are needed, PipePatch ONE is a complete solution that comes in a single box and is designed specifically for the work truck. PipePatch ONE does not require a large workforce as a single repair can be done by 1-2 plumbers in just a few hours.