PipePatch Pillow

  • LARGE DIAMETER PIPE SOLUTION: Creates structural repairs from 15"-72"
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Avoid costly and disruptive excavations and replacements
  • FLEXIBLE: Easily navigate within pipes and through conditions
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Safe for storm and sewer systems

Product Description

The PipePatch Pillow system enables large diameter CIPP rehabilitation repairs, without removing/excavating any part of the manhole or catch basin. The Pillow is extremely flexible, allowing the installer the ability to complete repairs through most manholes and pipes up to 72". Ideal for storm and sewer rehabilitation such as Department of Transportation drains, railway culverts and interceptors.


Technical Data

Average Tensile Strength: 24,500 psi
Average Flexural Strength: 27,500 psi

Average Flexural Modulus: 1,345,000 psi


Environmentally Friendly

Contains NO VOCs
Resistance to 63+ Chemicals and Oils

Non-flammable & Non-hazardous


Application Advantages

Fast Cure Times and Easy Installation
Creates Structural Repair

Eliminates Infiltration


Flow-through Pillow Packer

Avoid disruptions in the underground system with the use of a flow though packer.

  • Must be used with 3"x10' pipe
  • Size: 15"-24" x 48"
  • Weight: 72lbs
  • pillow-regulator.jpg

    Pillow Repair System Regulator

    The integrated fast fill valve bypasses regulator to reduce inflation time. Completely deflates a 72" Pillow Packer in as little as 18 minutes.

  • ONLY used for PipePatch Pillow System
  • Reduces deflation time by 60%
  • Combination pressure and vacuum gauge