PipePatch Mini

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Contains no VOCs or Styrene
  • SMALL DIAMETER PIPE REPAIR: Available for 1 1/2 Inch - 2 Inch Diameter Pipes
  • PERMANENT & LONG LASTING: 50 year repair life guaranteed
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Avoid costly and disruptive excavations and replacements

Product Description

The Mini PipePatch system effectively trenchless rehabilitates 1-1/2" and 2" pipe. This PipePatch system provides a portable system is convenient, cost-effective and time saving in permanently repairing supply and/or return lines in pools, spa, hotels, hospitals, schools, and high-rise buildings where access is limited and requires extensive tear-up.


Technical Data

    Average tensile strength: 24,500 psi
    Average flexural strength: 27,500 psi
    Average flexural modulus: 1,345,000 psi

Environmentally Friendly

    Odorless and safe for indoor use
    Resistance to 63+ chemicals and oils
    Non-flammable & Non-hazardous

Application Advantages

    Repairs return and supply lines
    Will not tear-up landscaping or yards
    Eliminates infiltration