SealGuard Leaves Marion, IN Satisfied with Infrastructure Rehabilitation

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City of Marion, IN
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The City of Marion, IN was introduced the SealGuard product line nearly two years ago by Source One Environmental. Extremely satisfied by the performance and cost savings with PipePatch, the City decided to give SealGuard a try. The City has a pump station located near Interstate 69 which ran continuously due to the high volume of infiltration estimated at 50 gallons per minute plus! The Sanitary Sewer pipe running from the truck stop located on the other side of Highway 28 tied into the pump station. The infiltration was coming from above the pipe where the pump station wall was cored. The City Worker was lowered into the pump station and directed by Source 1 Environmental how to solve the problem. Since there was a large void above the pipe, okum was used to chink off the water and giving the grout something to collect to. The first hole was drilled directly above the pipe through the pump station wall and one tube of SealGuardII was pumped in. The water slowed by nearly 80% after the first tube set was emptied. A second hole was drilled at 11 o’clock. The pressure was so intense that the water shot through the wall to the other side of the 6’ wide structure and bounce back towards the worker! After injecting a second tube the water slowed to a very minor trickle. A single tube of HyperFlex was then injected stopping the leak completely.

The Superintendent for Marion is very familiar with various grouting products and had doubts that this would work. Since Marion use to have an in-house grouting program, they tried various manufacturers – none of which could do what SealGuard did that day. “Well, Source One is now 2 for 2 with showing us their products. The next time they have something to show us, we’ll use it!”