PipePatch XTEND

Pull-In-Place Packer System

Source One Environmental now makes long trenchless pipe repairs easy and fast. We’re proud to introduce the new PipePatch XTEND to our product line-up with it’s extra-long packer and reliable performance. For use on 3” - 12” diameter pipes, the PipePatch Xtend comes with today’s most-complete “pull-in-place” liner kit. Ideal for structural repairs, the PipePatch XTEND is extremely durable and ultimately reduces the need for excavation. Packers are essential equipment for no-dig pipe repair as they are used for positioning the patch and holding it during curing. Does NOT work on 45° or 90° bends or transitions from one size to another.


  • The same great benefits of a point repair system, but now fix longer runs of damaged pipe
  • Available in 10' and 15' length packers
  • For use on 3"-12" diameter pipes
  • Complete Kit includes tubular fiberglass material and silicate resin
  • Same installation process as any standard PipePatch repair


  • SAVE MONEY: Fix longer runs of pipe without investing in costly and time consuming lining systems.
  • LEAVE THE DRUM ON THE TRUCK:  PipePatch XTEND is a great solution for jobs that don't require full lining, and instances where multiple repairs are needed within a line.
  • SAVE TIME: Jobs can be completed (start to finish) up to 5x faster than traditional lining systems and up 3x faster than sending multiple patches
  • MINIMUM EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Only an XTEND packer and kit along with standard sewer cleaning and inspection equipment is required
  • NO DIG. LESS DISRUPTION: Eliminates the need for costly and disruptive excavations. Eliminates road closures and traffic backups during repairs.
  • LESS MAN POWER NEEDED: Jobs can be completed with 2-3 man crews.
  • PROVEN: PipePatch has been field tested for over 20 years
  • PERMANENT LONG LASTING SOLUTION: 50 year repair life guaranteed
  • ENIVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Contains no VOCs or Styrene
PipePatch XTEND
PipePatch XTEND Packers
Part No. Application Total Packer Length Deflated Diameter Max Pressure Packer Weight
FPP-PACK 3-4x120 3” - 4” / Contact length 10’ 144” 1.6” 42 psi 5.6 lbs
FPP-PACK 3-4x180 3” - 4” / Contact length 10’ 204” 1.6” 42 psi 7.9 lbs
FPP-PACK 4-6x120 4” - 6” / Contact length 10’ 144” 2.3” 36 psi 8.8 lbs
FPP-PACK 4-6x180 4” - 6” / Contact length 15’ 204” 2.3” 36 psi 12.1 lbs
FPP-PACK 6-10x120 6” -10” / Contact length 10’ 157” 4.05” 28 psi 14 lbs
FPP-PACK 6-10x180 6” -10” / Contact length 15’ 157” 4.05” 28 psi 17 lbs
PipePatch XTEND Kits (Summer and Winter Resin Available for each part number)
Part No. Application
FPP-EXT-3x120 3” x 120" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-4x120 4” x 120" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-6x120 6” x 120" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-8x120 8” x 120" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-3x180 3” x 180" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-4x180 4” x 180" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-6x180 6” x 180" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit
FPP-EXT-8x180 8” x 180" Pull-in-Place Liner Kit